Everyone has got problems to solve, doubts to be cleared. There are few things we are confident about in our life and we lag behind in others. We have a goal to accomplish, but there are certain things which stop us from doing.

Exercise your brain in different way. According to science and research of last few years, YOU ARE POTENTIAL GENIUS, you have within you right now. We habitually fail to use brain power sometimes. Your IQ is not fixed, the more you use brain the more you can use.This simple idea can change your life, it has changed millions of people.

  1. Take a sheet of paper
  2. Write down your goal or problem or anything you want to do, in the form of a question.Good questions can move your health, business, organization, or career .for eg. How can I be an entrepreneur ?, How can I Bond with my partner?, How can I reduce stress in my life? how can I get promotion?

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Then FORCE yourself to write 20 answers to that questions. This might not be easy for someone to write 20 answers but force yourself to answer 20 question minimum.You will be absolutely amazed by the quality of the answers that appear on the page before you. This is powerful creative-thinking exercise.

Go over your list and select one answer which you can implement easily, the faster you implement the more ideas will come to you. Ask yourself on regular basis.

You can even Trick your brain with Imagination.



Hi, Hope you are doing amazing!

I usually collect images of quotes, habits, people perhaps a simple word which has deep meaning for me. There are few things in our life which en-lights us, energize us, and we feel proud of that. So I decided to make a collage of those pictures ( though I missed a few ) and set it as desktop back ground.  This gives me an amazing feeling. Great thing about this is, whenever you see this, the inner soul awakens and you ll never be bored.

It looks like thisRecovered Autosave

You can even create one. It can be anything

  • Quote
  • Habit
  • Book
  • Word (which energize you)
  • something you want to do
  • Mentor
  • Achievement
  • Anything else ( Always open for new suggestion)


Making The Best Use of Time

Hi Readers, I hope you are doing amazing. I came across a article “Learn how to Clear Your Mind” by Jim stone, and a TED Talk on ” How to multiply your time” by Rory Vaden.

I loved the way of clearing our mind in 10 mins

The Clear Mind Procedure:

  1. Take out a blank piece of paper and write the words “What’s on my mind” at the top. Then write down everything that’s on your mind.
  2. Take out another piece of paper, turn it sideways, and create three columns. Label these three columns: “active concern,” “maybe later,” and “delete.” Sort all the items on the first piece of paper into the 3 columns on the second piece of paper.
  3. Delete all the items in the delete column. Tell each item, one by one, that you’re done with them, and that they should go away and never come back.
  4. Take the items from the “maybe later” column and put them on your “maybe later” list. (If you don’t keep a “maybe later” list, start one).
  5. Take the items from the “active concern” column and put them into your planning system. (If you don’t have a planning system, then get one).

Multiplying The Time

There are old theories of time management which are still there today, say to do more things faster, which is one-dimensional . One has to perform their entire task. The two dimensional theory came with the practice on concentration on most important task(Covey’s Four Quadrants for time management. The Covey time management)

The most effective way is three-dimensional one which is based on the significance of the task. This makes us think in a different way, these type of people usually ask the question “What can I do today, that can make better tomorrow?, what can I do right now that can make the future better?. “ They are making the significance calculation.

images (41)

Eliminate- Can I eliminate this?, Is it worth doing?. if the answer is yes then just eliminate it. This gives us the permission to ignore.

Because you are always saying no to something, when you say yes to another thing, you are simultaneously say no to infinite no of things.

Automate- Can I automate this? Automation is to your time, exactly what compounding interest is to your money. Automation takes time and make more time.

Delegate- Can it be delegated? if yes then delegate.

Now concentrate or procrastinate depending on the significance of the task.

Well, there is a major distinction to realize, there is a difference in waiting to do something and that we know we should be doing, which we don’t feel like doing versus waiting to do something because we decided that now is not the right time.

The patience to put off the insignificant things like  checking emails 24 hours a day, you multiply your time by giving yourself the emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give more time tomorrow.

I merged this two ideas and this is how it looks.


I hope this helps, Please share your thoughts on this idea. Always open for new ideas.






Rich dad, Poor dad

I Loved reading ” Rich dad, Poor dad” book by Robert Kiyosaki

This book is not just about money. It’s about how we are taught to think; how we are programmed by schools, family, and friends to look at the rich as greedy no good bloodsuckers and opportunities as risks. It is an attempt to reprogram minds to look at why we do what we do.. why do we buy all these shoes, clothes, cars, jewellery.. have we earned it or are we just trying to maintain an image?

Here are the Six lessons from this book

The Rich don’t work for money- They let the money work for them, which means they own a business which generates money, instead of working for money.

Why Teach Financial Literacy?- Its extremely important to be financially literate to achieve financial independence. One has to know the real difference between an asset and liability. If it doesnt generate cashflow, it aint an asset no matter how much you paid for it.Learn to correctly identify assets and then buy assets. For most people, a home is a liability not an asset. Assets put money back into your pocket. Make every dollar you get work for you. Invest it. Then it will come back as more income. Easy!

“Build and keep your asset column strong. Once a dollar goes into it, never let it come out. Think of it this way, once a dollar goes into your asset column, it becomes your employee. ” — Robert T Kiyosaki

Mind your Own business- Businesses that don’t require your presence, managed funds, stocks, bonds, royalties and income-generating real estate.These are assets.

The History of taxes and the Power of Corporation- When we study the history of taxes , an interesting perspective emerges. The passage of taxes was only possible because the masses believed in the Robin Hood theory of economics, which was to take from the rich and give to everyone else. The problem was that the government appetite for money was so great that taxes soon needed to be levied on the middle class, and from there it kept” trickling down”. The rich, on the other hand, saw an opportunity. The rich created the corporation as a vehicle to limit their risk to the assets of each  voyage.

People with Corporation

  • Earn
  • Spend
  • Pay taxes

People who work for Corporation

  • Earn
  • Pay taxes
  • Spend

The Rich Invent Money- By investing smartly

Work to learn, Don’t work for money.

Financial intelligence is made up of these four main technical skills:-

  1. Financial literacy.The ability to read numbers.
  2. Investment Strategies
  3. The market.Supply and Demand
  4. The law. The awareness of accounting, corporate, state and national rules and regulations.

There are people who are against this book and they say this makes us greedy, but there are people ought there who wants to serve people but they don’t have enough, they are ready to do anything. Go for this book , one will gain good insight about financial independence.

Dream big

Hi, Hope you had a wonderful start of 2016.  I wish you healthy,happy,prosperous new year to everyone in the universe.

Its 12:00 Am January 1, I was wondering what should I do. Initially my plan was to doze off but then I took a paper and started writing , suddenly this question popped

” If your life were a book and you are the author how would you want your story to go?”

I had everything for my story- character, challenges, feeling guilty of faults, motivation, desire of learning, but then I din’t had a purpose in my life. That’s when my brain and heart are talking and I feel lost. I was wondering what if I achieve everything in my life. What would I do with that achievement, then I realized I should have a purpose to keep me going, it can be anything motivating people, motivating children, share my journey of learning things, share my prosperity with poor..This is were the Dream big concept came from.Bigger the purpose, you serve more people. Making a difference by dreaming big and acting on it.


Thanks 2015

Hi,:) we are approaching 2016 , I feel so blessed for having an amazing 2015, though I haven’t achieved anything but yes, I have realized many things(which I consider to be the greatest achievement so far). Here are list of things which I have learnt

  • Get Inspired by your Failures!
  • Keep reading books, no matter what
  • Habits will decide our future
  • Meditate
  • Be grateful
  • Imagine- plan – action
  • Live the life to the fullest
  • When we least expect, life shines
  • The medicine for anti-ageing is Lifelong learning
  • Everything is not possible, but anything is possible
  • Doubts paralyze us( clear them asap)
  • Never Give Up!
  • Don’t settle,keep experimenting
  • Have a Purpose
  • Life is too short to hate someone
  • Take calculated Risks( Risk is must in Life)

Having a purpose in our life is most important thing, one should ask the question “why?” before asking “how?”.Purpose will help us in get going.

Thank you 2015:)

P.S- Sorry Palash for hurting you, hope you forgive me and forget me.