Serve and Grow Rich!

Financial Wealth can be fleeting, but what we do for others is lasting.

Yesterday we had the privilege to visit an orphanage to serve orphans. They were so happy. Serving others make us feel good about ourselves because in our heart we know it’s the right thing to do. Our heart smiles.

As Marian Wright said, “Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time”.Even simplest gestures demonstrate this.


See you next time, Till then keep that smile and serve!

Much love,


Be Yourself

I have heard people quoting  “Be yourself” and everyone nods at the statement.Finally, I was able to experience the true meaning of this two words.

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There’s magic which happens when you connect with your friends,People who understand you. I met and connected with my friends Yesterday,after a long week. At that moment, I was experiencing “Be yourself -Feeling”.You don’t care about anything because you know you are with right friends, friends who accept the way you are, and appreciate for being real, enjoy your madness .There is not a single thought of being judged by someone and  it’s an amazing feeling?. Friendship is indeed one of the life’s greatest blessings. Wrong friends can bring you down into the places where you never thought you would go.The right ones bring you up.Choose friends wisely.You can change the course of your life, associating with genuine folks who understands your dream.The day was rejuvenating,refreshing, energizing and brought back some old good memories.

I feel so good. See you in next post ! Till then “Be yourself” and share your thoughts.

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Everyone has got problems to solve, doubts to be cleared. There are few things we are confident about in our life and we lag behind in others. We have a goal to accomplish, but there are certain things which stop us from doing.

Exercise your brain in different way. According to science and research of last few years, YOU ARE POTENTIAL GENIUS, you have within you right now. We habitually fail to use brain power sometimes. Your IQ is not fixed, the more you use brain the more you can use.This simple idea can change your life, it has changed millions of people.

  1. Take a sheet of paper
  2. Write down your goal or problem or anything you want to do, in the form of a question.Good questions can move your health, business, organization, or career .for eg. How can I be an entrepreneur ?, How can I Bond with my partner?, How can I reduce stress in my life? how can I get promotion?

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Then FORCE yourself to write 20 answers to that questions. This might not be easy for someone to write 20 answers but force yourself to answer 20 question minimum.You will be absolutely amazed by the quality of the answers that appear on the page before you. This is powerful creative-thinking exercise.

Go over your list and select one answer which you can implement easily, the faster you implement the more ideas will come to you. Ask yourself on regular basis.

You can even Trick your brain with Imagination.